Theme Wedding

Getting married these days involves a wedding that sets a trend, becomes a new style and is the topic to boast off. Every couple these days thinks of having their memorable day in a unique setting, a setup that involves defining a theme to their grand day. One just doesn’t have to follow the same old setup where only the groom, the bride, and their folks take part, they are now turning towards a wedding where each guest is involved and enjoys to the best.

Amantra Comfort Hotel takes care of choices and taste one desires for his wedding, a theme wedding at the resort is what the people are talking about. Defining a theme to your wedding, adds more uniqueness, makes it a never forgetting extravaganza, the merriment that people will even after your wedding and the enjoyment of a lifetime. Theme weddings start with the invitations; your guest will be curious to attend and ends with your themed wedding albums.

Our professional and trained team at Amantra Comfort Hotel has everything you just even didn’t imagine about your day. Wedding customization as per our client request we excel with pride. Many kinds of Theme Weddings are arranged by our Team at Amantra Comfort Hotel –

  • Floral Theme – where we focus on your favorite flower is used for decorations
  • Retro Theme – where you get indulge into Old Style Bollywood Fashion of 70’s.
  • Color Theme – where we focus on a single color , your favorite dominating from décor to styling of guest, like yellow for haldi ceremonies, and green for the mehndis.
  • Royal Theme – Like all dream about the royal wedding, the most popular one, the imperial ambience, and the royalty will get reflect in the décor, caterings, and the styling.
  • Customized Theme – We love hearing your views, a customized theme for the ones who love to plan their own wedding.