Lighting And Decoration

Decoration and lighting leave the first impact on your every guest; the decoration has to be eye-catching, appealing and dazzling. The decoration is always suggested to be done with the proper amount of lightings to create the perfect mood and settings of your taste; it should not only leave all the guest spellbound but should give them the feeling of celebration and euphoria.

At Amantra Comfort Hotel, we just not offer an iconic venue for your wedding, but a venue that will captivate your guest with the magical ambience its decoration and lighting. Our helpdesk team at Amantra Comfort Hotel will focus on each and every detailing for the decoration, the decoration that reflects an extravaganza of a lifetime excitement.

Our team at Amantra Comfort Hotel will help you with all decorations, lighting, seating arrangements, creating and managing perfect centerpieces, mandap design and décor, deciding the kind of lighting needed, planning and designing décor according to your theme, from the small to every big task our team tries to make your special day more special and hassle free.

Our decoration and lighting service is just not about perfection but also budget. We always cater our services according to the budget, our client gets an exceptional service with enjoyment is our motto.